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Anouk Matton becomes first climate neutral DJ ever

Go forest is partnering up with Anouk Matton. As the first climate neutral DJ ever, she will offset her carbon footprint by planting trees to compensate for her flights.

Go Forest wants to motivate and inspire as many people as possible to adopt a more sustainable and future proof lifestyle. Together with CO2logic, Go Forest encourages companies, organizations and individuals to compensate their carbon footprint and support global biodiversity by planting trees.

Anouk Matton also wants to be part of the solution. Being a DJ, she’s flying around the world several times per year. Next to already having adopted a more sustainable lifestyle, she decided to partner up with Go Forest to plant trees to offset the carbon emission that is inevitably associated with her job. Becoming the first climate neutral DJ in the world, Anouk is a pioneer, encouraging colleagues and leaders to take action for a greener future.