Goforest 133

About the importance of forests

Since the Big Bang, there have been numerous climate changes. Right now, our planet Earth undergoes a period of global warming. But for the first time in history, the causes are not limited to natural phenomena, but humankind has a hand in it.

95% of the scientific studies show that the current global warming is due to massive greenhouse gas emissions. On top of that, the current climate change is not only going much faster, it is also a lot more intense than everything that has happened before. Several species are in danger because of this.

Carbon emissions are partly absorbed by forests and stored as organic carbon in the wood and the soil. Forests are an irrefutable link in fighting global warming. Unfortunately, deforestation and adaptations of soil use contribute to 17% of the greenhouse effect.

So what about the good news?

One of the most important and simple ways to fight global warming is creating more biodiversity through reforestation. And that is where Go Forest comes into the picture.

Yes, it’s also your problem and you can do something about it today. You can make the difference!