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Moving lives x Go Forest

In collaboration with the digital community platform Moving Lives, we want to bring more connection (between individuals, companies and Go Forest) through physical movement.

This involves taking on sporting challenges to raise money for a well-defined organization with a good cause (in this case Go Forest).

As a supporting partner, together with HR & the management team we want to build the company's strategy in the framework of CSR, employee wellbeing and employer branding. In this way, we are jointly committed to SDGs 3 and 13 (Good health and well-being & Climate Action).

By building Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as an organization you show awareness of the company's impact on society and the environment and try to make the greatest possible positive impact. At Go Forest, we plant trees with impact. Not only take CO2 out of the air, but also help restore biodiversity and fight poverty by working with the local population.

Less absence, increased productivity, a better work atmosphere and an excellent opportunity to put yourself in the picture as an employer. Employer branding is not an end in itself, but a means to attract and retain talent. But when, as a company, you can offer what your employees really find important, a synergy is created and your employer branding is truly authentic.

Contact us for more information about the possibilities and start tomorrow with a 'challenge'.