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Project in the spotlights: Armenia

Together with our partner My Forest Armenia, we aim to restore disturbed forest ecosystems using various strategies. These include: planting native tree species, sowing seeds in forest restoration areas as well as promoting natural regeneration processes.

This spring, My Forest Armenia added 4 workers, bringing the total to 14. Their tasks mainly consist of:

- preparing and planting seeds,
- preparing the ground for sowing pines and then sowing seeds,
- removing seeds ready to be planted in the afforestation areas,
- removing weeds,
- supervising the germination of seeds in the fall

A week ago, the planting season in Armenia started again. Due to the heavy snowfall in Lori Province, farmers had to wait a little longer to plant the seeds harvested from the nursery.

This is also the ideal time to sow new seeds that can be planted next season.

Over the next three weeks, more than 30 000 oak trees will be planted on the land in Shirakamut. Not only through Go Forest but also other donors who support our partner in Armenia can ensure that this large number of trees can be planted.

Successful reforestation includes the emancipation of local communities. By educating and training the rural community, the standard of living increases and our partner ensures that the local population will continue to care for the new forest in the coming decades.