“I dream of a world where key figures have an impact on people and nature”

As a child, I wanted to make this world a better place. So, when 10 years after graduation, you pick up on signals that it’s about to go wrong with our environment and don’t feel like anyone is doing something about it, it all comes back. Why not do something ourselves?

I currently run a healthy construction company with 10 employees named Topglass. Our team works on a variety of projects; from small windows projects to big architectural buildings. Even though we always do good work, I felt I was missing a “higher cause”. I have a hunger for more, not more income or more luxury, but more impact. We can no longer exploit the planet we’re living on.

The idea of doing something that others are afraid of doing or just don’t want to do was the decisive factor to found Go Forest. But that is only the start because we need strong people who want to step up.

There’s no fun in doing what everyone expects you to do, right?

Entrepreneurship –

It originates from the French word entreprendre which usually translates to “undertake” or “adventure”. Entrepreneurship is one of the most beautiful words I know. Teach a child how he can undertake a task and you’re giving him the knowledge to take on life with both hands.

Xavier Goethals
Co-Founder – CMO (Chief of Marketing & Strategy)